“Why I do what I do”

I began about 2002 searching out “marijuana” information on the internet.

My Dad had died in 2001 and three months prior to that had called me one day and asked me if I could find him “a little pot”.

As I was then ignorant of any kind of medicinal use of Marijuana, and he had COPD and Heart Disease, my only answer to him would be, “I’d love to Dad, but I’m afraid if you tried to smoke it at this point it could kill you.” He had not smoked marijuana before, I was not a “baker” and his lung capacity was near zero.

At that time we knew nothing of the “healing oil”. So about 2002 I was browsing one day and it came to my mind to search for “Medical Marijuana”, which I did. The rest is history. Once I found how to access the information nothing was gonna stop me from trying to spread the message – through as many sites as I could possibly access.

It suffices to say that in the last ten+ years  I have learned a lot. The whole world has learned a lot. I have been through many changes in my life and am thankful for most of them. My only hope is that the World have a chance to recover itself before it is too late. Much of that depends upon how we choose to “FREE” this God given gift of Cannabis, and what is done with it once it is.


The Government regulated Incorporated war on Marijuana and Hemp have destroyed the country we live in by replacing what is a totally natural substance with a host of chemical compounds for our every need. Problem is that the chemicals will kill us, the Marijuana and HEMP will save us.

The Kentucky Marijuana Party will address any issue concerning Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp Prohibition, Human Rights and Civil Rights, as we believe in adhering to the “original” Constitutional Rights of all United States Citizens.


WE are the people of the United States of America. WE have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!” WHERE THE FU*K IS IT???
K.E. Hardesty, Gatewood Galbraith, God, Nature,



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